Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Decade of Futility - Seven Years After Retirement, Parcells' Body of Work Seems Better Than Ever

It's been seven years since Bill Parcells hung up his play-sheet and whistle for the last time.  He has been sorely missed.
The past few seasons for the Cowboys have testified to the solid body of work that Parcells did during his four years in Dallas.  While it goes without saying that the current state of affairs at Valley Ranch seems to be tilting downward, Parcells had the Cowboys poised for a strong run when he retired.
I sometimes wonder how much longer Bill would have stayed in Dallas had he been, say, ten years younger. I'd like to say he would have been there till he got the Cowboys over the hump and at least within shouting distance of the Super Bowl, but the presence of Terrell Owens is a strong vote against that supposition.
These days there’s almost a nostalgic feeling that comes over the room when the name of Bill Parcells is brought up.  Parcells, you see, is the most recent link from the past that represents hope and prosperity.  While fans realize that the past is gone forever, they also realize the strong sense of comfort that memories of Parcells evoke.  For with Parcells the Cowboys had a future, and that’s more than can be said for the Cowboys seven years hence.
You can read about Bill Parcells' rebuilding project, his relationship with receiver Terrell Owens, and the complex circumstances surrounding his retirement in my new book "Decade of Futility."  You can order your copy today by using this link:https: https://www.createspace.com/4161551

Monday, January 20, 2014

Which is Worse? Richard Sherman vs. Jerry Rice & Kevin Smith

And here is your Football Conscience Question of the Day: Would you rather have Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman's self-promotional rant on national television from yesterday, or Dallas Cowboys cornerback Kevin Smith and San Francisco 49ers wideout Jerry Rice dog-cussing each other at midfield while throwing obscene gestures right and left in pregame warmups for the 1993 NFC Championship Game?

Friday, January 17, 2014

Sometimes Jerry Jones' "isms" Are Just Too Good Not To Repeat

Here it is straight from the owner's mouth, just in case you were wondering what Jerry's thoughts were on Bill Callahan, Monte Kiffin and fellow assistants: ""Those guys are still under contract. There are others that are under contract. There are others that are not. The real world is since I haven't, we haven't, addressed this thing is whatever their contract status is, and I don't want to get into what that status is, but whatever it is, it is."
Was it not Bill Clinton who first dared to speculate upon the meaning of the word "is"?

Jimmy Johnson's Texas Stadium Curtain Call Came Twenty Years Ago

Yesterday was the twenty-year anniversary of Jimmy Johnson's last home victory on the Texas Stadium sideline, as Johnson's Cowboys overpowered a good San Francisco team by a 38-21 margin. Dallas would win Super Bowl XXVIII two weeks later, before a spat between Johnson and owner Jerry Jones resulted in a highly publicized divorce.
It's safe to say that the Cowboys have not been the same since.