Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Decade of Futility by Ryan Bush - Now Available

My book about the Dallas Cowboys is now available as a hard-copy, and is available in Kindle version as well!  The book is called Decade of Futility: How The Leadership of Jerry Jones Transformed America's Team into a 21st Century Debacle, Resulting in The Worst Decade in Dallas Cowboys History.

Detailing the many pitfalls that befell the organization throughout the course of this millennium, Decade of Futility is a must have for anyone enthralled with the world's most captivating NFL franchise.  Rich in history and laced with timeless quotes, Decade of Futility is a true tale of defeat, providing readers with authoritative answers to why the Dallas Cowboys have fallen from football’s highest throne, and can’t pick themselves up.

Click Here for the Amazon Createspace Paperback Version.

Click Here for the Amazon Kindle Version