Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Not Taking Advantage of Demarcus Ware's Potential May Be Saddest News Of All For Dallas Cowboys

Demarcus Ware will one day be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, in all likelihood as a Dallas Cowboy. There will be smiles and hugs all around on that occasion.
But for now, just hours after the team officially released the nine-year veteran, all that can be felt is sadness. Sadness that Ware couldn't have finished his career in Dallas, and sadness that money had to be the primary reason for his departure. But most of all, their is sadness because Ware was never ...able to win a Super Bowl with the team that drafted him.
Bill Parcells' 2005 draft class with the Cowboys, of which Ware was the anchor, was supposed to vault America's Team back to the pinnacle of America's sport. Yet, NFL history books will forever acknowledge that it didn't.
In Dallas, a place that once knew the greatness of Landry, Staubach, and Aikman, failing to take full advantage of a player with the capabilities of Ware has become commonplace. And that, my friend, may be the saddest news of all.

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