Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jerry Jones Isn’t Only Lacking As A GM - Tim Cowlishaw

Less than two weeks after the Cowboys finished the 2000 season with their worst record in ten years, Tim Cowlishaw examines one of the biggest lies ever to bounce off the walls of Valley Ranch.  Yes, the future indeed appeared bleak not only because Jones was the general manager, but because he also wielded ultimate authority as the owner.
 From the January 5 2001 edition of The Dallas Morning News
 By Tim Cowlishaw

 Hit the accelerator at the first sighting of all doughnut shops.  Watch something on television that does not include calls for clipping, charging or icing.

The list is short one essential item.  Before we advance too deeply into the odyssey of 2001, one more resolution must be added, and it’s one we can share.

Could we please have a moratorium on the following phrase, still uttered by too many voices in too many places?

Jerry Jones is a great owner, but an awful general manager.

Isn’t it obvious, with only the smallest exertion of thought, that the truth of the latter precludes the former?

Isn’t the first order of business for any owner to hire the best general manager available?

And yet this man who once assured that 500 coaches could win Super Bowl with the Cowboys’ talent contends that only one qualifies as general manager.

And it’s the one who has run the ship aground.............................................................................

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