Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jerry Jones’ Flashback: Not Throwback, But Throw It Back - Randy Galloway

 Jerry Jones’ public profile was looking unusually golden after giving Bill Parcells complete control of Valley Ranch.  But when Jones got behind a microphone a few short months later, his old self reappeared.
Randy Galloway
From the February 14 2003 edition of The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

By Randy Galloway

The Jerry Jones reclamation project – he’s done an amazing job lately of restoring his own shattered-into-tiny-pieces NFL image – hit one minor glitch this week.

Forget the Lebron James throwback jersey controversy that became a national debate.
Around here, many e-mailers became extremely concerned about a throwback Jerry.

This Jones quote from Monday’s sports section caused a bit of panic in the streets:  “As we are sitting here right now, I’m expecting Quincy to be back.  I don’t know that a veteran quarterback can beat Quincy out.”

That’s definitely something the old Jerry would have said.

When it comes, however, to the current quarterback situation, that’s obviously something for Big Bill to decide.  And Big Bill alone.

Actually, anything involving football personnel is now Big Bill’s domain based on public perception, Big Bill’s reputation, the franchise’s dismal track record for nearly a decade, and, of course, common sense.

Poll all local precincts, and the vote will be overwhelming for Big Bill being large and in charge.  But for most of his six weeks on the job, Parcells has remained in his Valley Ranch bunker, attempting to figure out exactly what to do with this mess.

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