Thursday, October 10, 2013

Decade of Futility - Injury To Michael Irvin The Undisputed End of Dallas Cowboys' Dynasty

Historians will forever dispute the starting point of the Dallas Cowboys' slide into mediocrity. But nobody will deny that Michael Irvin's career-ending injury suffered on this date in 1999 was the single event that significantly accelerated the process.
The 1999 Cowboys had won each of their first three games, and were in Philadelphia trying to make it four in a row when Irvin caught a short pass over the middle and was tackled hard by Eagles defender Tim Hauck. The rest of the story is a mixture of misfortune and infamy, as Irvin was carted off the field to chorus of cheers from the Philly faithful, and America's Team vanished never to return.
Dallas finished the season at a 5-8 clip and, though they made the playoffs as a Wild-Card, have never been the same since.

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