Monday, October 14, 2013

Decade of Futility - Pros, Cons & Misfortunes of Dallas Cowboys' Trade for Joey Galloway Unlocked In New Book

Its details forgotten by the throngs, its merits argued by sports historians, the Dallas Cowboys' trade for wide receiver Joey Galloway in February of 2000 is still a point of contention for some even today. Was Galloway really worth two first round draft picks like Jerry Jones thought, or was the trade a complete wash?
By breaking the philosophy of the trade down into several increments, Decade of Futility lays this argument to rest once and for all with new, never-before-published material that accounts for every piece of the puzzle: words, actions, production, and misfortune. Crisp and refreshingly straight-forward, Chapter 4 of Decade of Futility simplifies the mysteriously complex Joey Galloway Trade.

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