Saturday, September 21, 2013

Decade of Futility - Dallas Cowboys Safety Roy Williams Odd Man Out On Defense

When the Cowboys drafted Oklahoma safety Roy Williams with the eighth selection of the 2002 draft, they were expecting a good player that would one day find his way to greatness. What they found instead was a good player that quickly became something of an NFL legend.
With a nose for the ball and a tenacious spirit near the line of scrimmage, Williams was a terror to all opponents, as well as a rising star that many projected would land one day in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
But as it turned out, Williams' meteoric flight in Dallas was suddenly grounded when philosophy collided head-on with priority, penning a sad tale of misfortune that is both anticlimactic, and every bit of unfortunate.
Read the full story in Chapter 10 of Decade of Futility.


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