Sunday, September 15, 2013

Decade of Futility - Ten Year Anniversary of Zuriel Smith's Biggest Play As a Cowboy.

Ten years ago today Bill Parcells won his first game on a Dallas sideline in dramatic, and improbable, fashion. The New York Giants took the lead on a short field goal with just eleven seconds remaining in regulation, yet the Cowboys managed to force overtime, where sophomore kicker Billy Cundiff connected on his seventh field goal of the evening, giving Dallas a 35-32 victory.
While there were heroes aplenty for the Cowboys on this night, maybe the most important play of the game was made by rookie wideout Zuriel Smith who had a rare chance to get his hands on the ball in the game’s waning seconds....and declined it. This one heads-up play by Smith sparked an unlikely run to the playoffs for the 2003 Cowboys.
Read about it in Chapter 10 of Decade of Futility.

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