Monday, September 16, 2013

Decade of Futility - Jerry Jones' Magic Offensive Assembly Showing Signs Of Strain

Jerry Jones promised that great things were in store for the Dallas Cowboys in 2013 with Bill Callahan and Tony Romo acting as co-offensive coordinators.  That’s why Jones had head coach Jason Garrett step back into the shadows, believing that the team would function much smoother than in the recent past, that the Cowboys would pile up victories in record fashion, and everybody at Valley Ranch would be one big, fat, happy, and sassy family.
And then the season began.
Out of 61 offensive plays run on Sunday in Kansas City, the Cowboys opted to call only 13 running plays.  The result was less than inspiring, to say the least, as Dallas fell to the Chiefs 17-16, and complaints were heard within the locker room over play-selection.  Running back Demarco Murray wants the ball more.  Callahan said the offensive line needs to be better at run-blocking.  Garrett was displeased that Romo and Callahan simply gave up on the ground attack.  And there are verbal musings hopping around the Ranch, wondering why Romo forgets about wide receiver Dez Bryant in clutch situations.
We’re only two weeks into the season and the mill is already grinding. 
Oh, the wonderful work of Jerry.