Friday, September 13, 2013

Decade of Futility - Tom Landry: A Living Legend

On the front cover of Decade of Futility, there for everyone to behold, are pictures of Tony Romo and Jerry Jones.  So who's the first person that often comes to mind when people see the book for the first time?  None other than Tom Landry himself.
Here we are 24 years removed from it, and millions of people still haven't forgiven Jerry Jones for the way he fired Tom Landry.  Without a doubt, the Saturday Night Massacre is just as vivid now as it was then.
The response I've gotten from the public makes me glad that, in telling the story of Jerry, I started from the very outset.  Jerry Jones isn't the same without a Tom Landry to fire.  He's a power figure that can only be understood when standing in the shadow of a man that he couldn't make room for, a man whose longstanding consistency, both on and off the field, remains alive in the hearts and minds of Cowboy fans even today.
Though he was rudely pushed aside on that evening of infamy, and though he has since passed from this world, it's almost as if Landry is still with us.  Maybe a former player actually had it right when he said, "Tom Landry will always be a Dallas Cowboy."